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Why California Manufacturing

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#1 State in the Country

California is the center of manufacturing businesses and jobs in the U.S., with output now topping $394 Billion, an increase of 73% since 2010.1

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1.28 Million Good Jobs

Eight percent of the state’s workforce is employed by the state’s 34,360 manufacturing firms with an average annual compensation of $134,356.2

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Not Just Computers

Electronics still top the list, but Pharmaceuticals and Aerospace lead in emerging sectors, as well as Medical Equipment, Food & Beverages, and Motor Vehicles.

About the Made in California Label

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Customers associate American-made products with quality

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California is home to a culture of cutting-edge innovation

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60% of Americans will pay more for locally made products

First launched in 2013, the Made in California labeling program builds consumer awareness of California’s powerhouse status as source of manufactured products and allows suppliers to easily research Made in California products and brands. The label is available to all companies that create products in California — from electronics, chemicals and biomedical devices to furniture, software, household goods, handmade items, toys, and cosmetics. The program is administered by the California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA) within the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz).

Why Join the Made in California Program?

  • Ability to use the Made in California label on products, packaging, & point-of-sale merchandising
  • Placement of the product description and company bio on the Made in California website
  • Product promotions via CalOSBA social media pages
  • Information on state incentives, manufacturing events and financing programs
  • End-to-end business development support

What Gets Made in California

Everything gets made in California! Windmills and wine, soap and shoes and solar panels, cars and airplanes and bikes and drones, furniture and clothing and art and jewelry, machine parts, and machines to make other machines, and, of course, everything electronic imaginable. You can help tell the story of California’s strength in manufacturing by displaying your California pride on your own Made in California products. The only criteria is that the bulk of the fabrication and assembly be completed by California workers at California job sites. Click on Program Info to find out if your products qualify.

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Incentive Programs for Manufacturers

  • Equipment Savings
  • Tax Credits
  • Utility Discounts
  • Workforce Training
  • Industrial Financing
  • Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Market Incentives

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Capital Readiness for Small Manufacturers

  • Get help navigating the loan process, preparing loan applications, and determining what loan products will be the best fit.
  • Build your legal, accounting, and financial management skills
  • Learn about state-backed capital support programs to improve your risk profile

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Business Advisors for Small Manufacturers

  • No-cost one-on-one-consulting and low-cost training services in dozens of languages
  • Build a relationship with an expert advisor for all stages of your business
  • California Manufacturing Technology Consulting provides specialized advising for manufactuers

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California Office of Small Business Advocate Team

The California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA) within the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development supports economic growth and innovation and ensures that ALL California small businesses and innovative startups have the information and direct support they need to better navigate resources, programs and regulations. CalOSBA serves as the voice of small businesses, representing their views and interests across the state and advocating for equitable access to capital, markets, and networks so that all California small businesses successfully start, manage, grow and become more resilient.

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